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1.      LuxGraveer OÜ stores the  consumer personal data in a data centre located in the European Union.

2.      LuxGraveer OÜ stores the customer data privately and will not sell, share or give it to third parties, except in cases predetermined by the  law.

3.      The blog posts with the poster’s information are visible to all the visitors of website and they can be shared by the site’s administrator on their own  webpages..

4.      LuxGraveer OÜ is allowed to use the customers’ non-personal information in its marketing activity.

5.      LuxGraveer OÜ is allowed to send intra-website messages and e-mails to registered users, of which the customers can abstain via their account settings.

6.      LuxGraveer OÜ follows the users website using activity by  using “cookies”, and is allowed to produce personalized offers and ads on the basis of the particular activies.

7.      We can use the services of third parties to follow the users website using activity.

8.      By using the website you will agree with the service regulations and privacy policy of LuxGraveer OÜ.